Christy Leppanen is from northern Minnesota, grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and has worked for twenty years as a field biologist and research scientist throughout the eastern United States and the islands of Micronesia and the Hawaiian Archipelago. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology and a Master of Science in Toxicology from the University of Memphis and a PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Maine. In her science fiction debut, the BULLETIN OF ZOMBIE RESEARCH: VOLUME 1, she applies robust research approaches to the everyday, post-apocalyptic challenges that plague human society, with the emphasis on the science.

Christy's transition to science fiction was driven by a combination of influences: her expertise in ecology and evolution, teaching experience in the life sciences, involvement in science translation, and her desire to develop new, creative approaches to coerce science into education. Via popular culture, the BULLETIN OF ZOMBIE RESEARCH: VOLUME 1 introduces readers to the methods, language, and structure of scientific literature.  The effort applies the same skills and knowledge that a scientist uses, but in a different application that relies heavily on the creativity that is fundamental to good science (and good science fiction!). The BULLETIN OF ZOMBIE RESEARCH: VOLUME 1 is intended for science fiction and ZOMBIE enthusiasts as well as for use in education. Enticing readers with unconventional topics contained in chapters that mimic authentic scientific journal articles will help dissolve barriers to accessing and understanding science.

​Christy is passionate about finding the information necessary to demystify the unknown and fit what seems implausible into our reality.  She continues to apply these concepts in her work as a scientist and in her next book.